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Optimizing the Making of Web and Blogs

Optimizing the Making of Web and Blogs – The internet world today can be said to be very rapid development. How can not almost everyone have a gadget that falls into the smartphone category that can be connected to the internet. From those gadgets, many people access the internet.

When talking about the internet, of course we will get to know the website or blog. Website (English: web site) or often abbreviated as site is a number of web pages that have interrelated topics, sometimes accompanied by images, videos, or other types of files. We think in creating a website and blog in this day and age it is very easy.

The difficulty of making a website depends on what type of website will be used and also the purpose of the website itself. The easiest thing in our opinion is to create a website based on joomla or wordpress because with just a few clicks it will be able to directly use the website.

From the observations, many people make blogs and websites, but they are still chaotic in their management. For example, only one person has several blogs, but in the management they are still not optimal. We think it’s better to have one web but it’s optimal. In creating a website there are several steps that must be taken:

Optimizing the Making of Web and Blogs

1. Set Goals

In making a website we must have a clear goal from making the website itself. Maybe many people want to create a website but are not aware of what will be done with the website itself. That is why it is very important to set the objectives of the website, for example, school profile, online registration website and so on.


2. Set Templates / Designs

The design of a web greatly influences visitors to stay happy to visit the web. Because if the web design is erratic or changeable, visitors will quickly feel bored and will usually log out of the web. So, set a practical web design in accordance with the goal. I suggest the appearance of a simple website is simple, the important thing is that the main goal of the website is achieved.


3. Fill in

If the two points above have been reached, then of course the web must be filled in accordance with the purpose. In filling out a web then the contents of the web with the things that become the goal of the web. Simplify the end by providing the right guide or link and also the navigation button. And don’t multiply advertisements on a web if you can’t manage it optimally. The more advertisements it will slow down the loading of a web. And of course it will bore the website visitors and might not visit the website. If the website is dynamic, it is routine to update the contents containing articles or others to update the contents of the web. So many tips from us about optimizing the creation of a web / blog.

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