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Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Battery To Be Durable

Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Battery To Be Durable – One of the obstacles to smartphone users is the battery problem that is quickly used up. Actually almost all smartphones are, wasteful of batteries. Especially if you are connected to the internet, then it will quickly drain your smartphone battery. It’s a good idea to read this article so that your battery lasts longer and lasts longer. One of the causes of battery runs out is often used browsing, so browsing is easy please try the mainstay browser android, because with this browser we can save pages, so saving data packages and batteries.

Some might use Double Power Batteries as a solution to being able to use an old smartphone. But that is not optimal if I don’t understand the battery. There are a few tips that you might need so that the battery lasts longer and lasts longer. I myself have practiced on several gadgets and succeeded.

Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Battery To Be Durable

1. Battery Charging

At the beginning of the purchase you may have charged for more than 8 hours. But that in my personal opinion is wrong because it can damage your gadget account. How is that right? Filling the first 3 times must always be full, it is a recommendation from me. This means that the initial purchase of the battery must be fully and second and third. Do not over-charge until a day and night even though your gadget has an operating system that can disconnect the current when the battery is full.

The next thing is charging after 3 times. Often we forget the contents of the battery, sometimes the battery is low but we still use the smartphone. Without realizing it if we do this it will damage the battery. It is recommended that you charge the battery when the battery is between 30% -80%. This will cause your battery to last and last a long time. I have proven it on my own laptop and handphone. Long battery life.

If you buy a used gadget, try to buy a new battery and use the tips above. Because sometimes when buying a used gadget the state of the battery is already easy, a low bat isn’t even worth using.

Then what if you use a double power battery? Just the same tips seems like a normal battery (not double power). Pay attention to Charging and Maintenance. And continue reading this article.

2. Care

Like battery creatures, it is also maintenance. Which is where the care of objects is different from creatures. So that the battery lasts there is nothing wrong if you take the time once a week or once a month to remove it from the gadget and clean the dirty parts. It’s a good idea to also clean your gadget from dust that might just stick. Next, care about your teeth.

That’s the Tips for Caring for a Good and True Battery To be durable, hopefully it will be useful for all of us. Don’t forget to share with others to be more useful. ^ _ ^

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